Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree

This is a short report of the interview with Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree conducted by Abdul Hameed Abdi sophomore, archaeology and anthropology dept, Kabul University.






Interview with

Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree


An electronic version is available at (



















  • Name: Interview with Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree
  • Aim to the interview: information gathering about scholars working for Afghanistan specially in respect of social issues and sciences
  • Written by: Abdul Hameed Abdi, sophomore, archaeology & anthropology dept, Kabul University
  • Interview conducted by (interviewer): Abdul Hameed Abdi
  • Interviewee: Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree
  • Date: 6th /Aug/2011
  • Place of interview: ACKU (Afghanistan Center at Kabul University) Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan































        i.            Preface to the Reader

      ii.            Biography of Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree

    iii.            Questions & Answers

     iv.            Briefing

       v.            Annexes:

Photos of Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree recently taken by the interviewer

Audio record of the interview (questions asked and answers replied)































Preface to the Reader


Dear readers this hand out is prepared on the basis of our eager to search in respect to the current scientist working in Afghanistan in the field of social affairs, social science like history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology and other relevant  fields for the social betterment of the afghan land.


as our Afghanistan people is in the picture that besides other necessities of our society there is a more strong need for knowledge improvement of our society, education, and more important to vitalize our history that is our identity and as Mrs.Nancy Hatch Dupree consist on this issue, and we believe that identity of a nation, society or country is not just its name , geographic location or something like that, but is the history of that land and the knowledge that we have in respect to the historical achievements and background information.


Dear readers for being short and sweet briefly it is stated that this hand out is just and informative booklet in regard to a scientist who is working in social, academic field and betterment of our country situation in social respects as stated by herself.


It is also mentioned that please forgive me for mistakes, shortages, and/or any problem you encounter while reader these pages and make me grateful of your by making comments (

Sincerely yours

Abdulhameed abdi



  • Questions asked in the interview

Initiation of interview:

Interviewer: first of all please know that based on the desirability & eager of the archaeology and anthropology department of social science faculty in the Kabul university and the respect and honor which is in our hearts against our compassionate and honorable scientist and researcher I am here to get more and more information about  you!

Dated: 6th Aug 11

1-      Question:

Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree first thanks a lot for the opportunity you offered me to set up this interview. As the initiative question, could you please tell me that who Mrs. Nancy is in yourself words and shortly introduce yourself?

Answer: on audio

2-      Question:

Could you please tell me that how long is it that you are  working in Afghanistan and what is your aim for working to this land?

Answer: on audio

3-      Question: how many books or generally, scientific publications you have written on Afghanistan up to now?

Answer:  on audio

4-      Question:

In the Afghanistan‘s archaeological sites have you done any practical or site based research? If yes pleas go on details

Answer: on audio

5-      Question:

In the cultural field of Afghanistan what works have to be done by government or people in your point of view?

Answer: on audio

6-      Question:

Presently what activities you carry out, pleas give me some information?

Answer: on audio


7-      What is your message to the students and youths studying in the field of archaeology?

Answer: on audio























  • Briefing

In brief to this interview I can indicate some important issues stated by Mrs. Nancy as below:

  • Mrs. Nancy is a widow of archaeologist and anthropologist Mr. luise Dupree as she stated in her introduction and it seems that she is very proud of him
  • Mrs. Nancy is running ACKU which aim sharing of information and engorgement of people to learn.
  • Mrs. Nancy hope for Afghanistan people to read for entertainment and she is providing box library like mobile libraries to the provinces in order to give people access and she believes that Afghanistan people is very smart and when they are given access they will try to improve themselves
  • Through ACKU she is trying to know what sort of books people want to read to be provided through their services
  • She assume that some people in the villages are some how stupid and do not know about the education but if some of which is educated be provided with information and books they will cause rescue for their land
  • Generally the books provided by ACKU is education and tries to make the culture of this land better how ever most kind of archaeological , historical and some many others are provider
  • Mrs. Nancy started working for Afghanistan in 1996 in peshawer with the refugees
  • She have written five guide books, one book of her essays (Afghanistan over a cup of tea) other books of her is touristic books guide to provinces guide to mazar , guide to hirat, guide to all over Afghanistan and more essays on Afghanistan
  • She states that she has visited almost all of the recognized archaeological sites in Afghanistan
  • She also argues that when you write a book you have to visit the sites you write about
  • More than 60,000 docs is in the ACKU collection
  • Mrs. Nancy is a historian
  • She advice that the first thing for the betterment of Afghanistan culture you have to find good leaders and you have to look among the youths for good leaders
  • Afghanistan needs peace and in order to get peace you need for more conciliation 
  • She is very worried now because the Afghanistan people are self reliance
  • So much money is spent in Afghanistan but the expected result is not achieved because afghan people do not take responsibility
  • She says Afghans should be permitted to decide and plan for their self land
  • She says We had corruption before inqlab soor in Afghanistan but now it is from top to the bottom
  • Mrs. Nancy spoke of a survival where people was able to perform their own community works but they were waiting for NGO and says it is very bad and shameful(ak kuprok)
  • She says democracy is not election it is so much more and people should know what is the responsibility of the citizen to the government and from the government to the people it is a reciprocal system
  • If you ask some one on the street what is democracy they say it is election but it is t he first step and democracy is so much more
  • She states that For development of Afghanistan education is not the answer government must provide job opportunities for these educated people otherwise it cost so much risky
  • You need to establish forward and backward linkages for enterprises in Afghanistan in order to get an integrated economy
  • She is basically working to build the new building for their activities in KU
  • She is doing net working to update people and share information
  • Development should be interoperated
  • The word that I usually use is sustainable and these works for Afghanistan is to be sustainable and have sustainability
  • Message to archaeologist youths and students ( history is your identity and you must know about it . you are an afghan and you must know who is an afghan
  • Youths must visit the museum and try get information about it




Mrs. Nancy accepted to come for an hour for a lecture on (involvement of youths in understanding of cultural heritage) after RAMADAN and we will confirm with her by email or telephone.












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