How to Start a Business

Walk some baby steps and beat around the bush.

Then take these steps;

  1. Gain experience; you have to be master of the business you want to run otherwise it doesn’t last longer
  2. Take some business classes. You have the have the knowledge of the business you own and control everything and everybody
  3. Get experience in the industry.
  4. Plan IT – never go without a plan. Plan is you only Master Tool.
  5. Figure out what kind of place you want to open your business in.
  6. Figure out a way to set your business apart. Be special!
  7. Choose between a franchise or an independent operation. Figure out!
  8. Choose a logo. Be nice in choices
  9. Choose a location! Be cautious!
  10. Enlist the help of a realtor. Be smart in this.
  11. Look at available properties in your budget.
  12. Think about visibility and access.
  13. Prefer a drive through and/or a convenient place for customers.
  14. Make sure you are compliant with all laws.
  15. Acquiring Financial Backing
  16. Determine how much startup money you need. Budgeting is very important. Always try to control the money and don’t let your own money to control you.
  17. Get a business loan.
  18. Check out what support your city offers for small businesses. Check out enterprise centers if you are in Canada. There are always grants for small business around the country.
  19. Borrow from private investors.
  20. Prepare the Business
  21. Acquire the necessary equipment.
  22. Create a menus and lists of products. Be tough on record management. That gives you a peace of mind and a chance to focus on your business quality
  23. Hire employees. Be polite to them and respectful and expect them the same.
  24. Fill out all necessary forms and applications.
  25. Advertising- Be smart in the market.
  26. Make ads.
  27. Advertise in local newspapers or on the internet.
  28. Word of mouth. Talk to people about your business.
  29. Offer discounts. Discounts attract people.

Leave a comment below and tell me what steps you take to start your business.



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