Who is Hameed Abdi?

Hameed Abdi started working as an English Instructor when he was a High School student in 2006. He joined Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development MRRD to work for the Government of Afghanistan by the time He graduated High School in 2009. Hameed attended Kabul University at the same time he was working for the Ministry. Later on He joined a UNOPS project called National Rural Access Program funded by World Bank WB, operated in the campus of the Ministry. He joined the project as Logistics assistant and improved to Logistics Associate right after his Probation and ended up with a Logistics Officer position in the same project for more that four years. He was engaged with charity organizations along with full time employment and University studies. He appeared on medias and discussion about social advancement and national development efforts.He gave a leading help hand in establishment of Afghan Women Coalition for Advancement and Contribution AWCAC support by International Security Aid Forces ISAF. He served as editor in chief for My Voice newspaper also and published a book focused on job seeking as well as written logistics management guidelines. He has tried to be socially active and learn through out his life. Connections for Afghanistan Research and Prosperity CARPO was founded by Hameed that recently successfully completed a research project related to Education in Kabul.

I will write some more and/or edit this to enrich!


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